The NUCDB project is designed to capture and process information of all Nigerian university students (past and present) in a format that will contain all students’ personal information such as names, gender, photograph, date of birth, next of kin, parental/guardian information amongst other. This format will also contain previous and present academic records, to allow for retrieval of academic history for future use by the students or interested bodies.

The project will also assist in government planning, especially in the distribution of research aids and allocation of resources to each university; the application will enable NUC to enforce and check some of its educational policies like the “Student to Lecturer Ratio standard. With the information, NUC can give accurate analysis of the comparative performance of students in all higher institutions of learning. Also corporate organisations and individuals can use the service as a search platform. Reference can be made easily on students or graduates that meet a required standard that qualifies them for particular positions or more.

What NUCDB Provides:

  • A centralized, updated and replicated data repository
  • Capture and storage of biometric information of current students and all classes of university personnel
  • Failsafe, triple network-backbone, Internet infrastructure co-ordinates data capture and gathering at the NUC and the universities
  • Standardised students record and students result processing
  • Uniform grade point average system
  • Complete academic records for Nigerian university graduates
  • Complete personnel (academic and non academic) records for Nigerian universities
  • Automated standard transcript generation system for each university
  • Provision of academic staff web portal for online storage and referencing of research works, thesis, lecturers, academic papers, etc; and
  • Provision of analytical, reporting and other rich information for government planning agencies.